What’s the Best Bow for Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is arguably the most exhilarating way to bring in a catch, yet few people will ever experience this thrill.  If you want to join in on the excitement, you will need the proper equipment. The first step in building your bowfishing tackle box is to find the best bow for bowfishing, which this article

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Best Lights for Bowfishing Boat

It’s summertime, and you’re ready to take to the water. All avid bowfishers know that your lights can make or break your trip. So, how do you select the best lights for a bowfishing boat? Keep reading to explore your options and to learn the basics of lighting for bowfishing. Why do you need lights for

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Best Bowfishing Arrow Rest

Your bowfishing gear contributes to your overall bowfishing success, and no piece of your gear is as underrated as your bowfishing rest! Of course, your bow, arrows, sight, and bowfishing boat are important, but your rest is the bridge between you and the fish you are hunting. Choosing the best bowfishing arrow rest is imperative

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