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Ice fishing can be a dangerous sport if you are not properly prepared with the right gear.  An insulated ice fishing shelter can go a long way to contribute to your warmth and safety.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the best insulated ice fishing shelter.

Why use an insulated ice fishing shelter?

Though ice fishing is a rugged sport, why not make your time on the ice more comfortable?

An ice fishing shelter can block the elements while you focus on bringing your catch to the surface.

Insulated ice fishing shelters are designed to block wind, rain, snow, and frost so that you can be protected.

Most ice fishing shelters are engineered for frost protection for as low as -22 ℉, and this is a game changer if you have ever ice fished without a shelter.

With the extra layers of insulated fabric, you will be even warmer, and your heaters will be more efficient.

They are also excellent protection for your ice fishing equipment. You can store gear inside so that it is easily accessible and is not exposed to the harsh winter environment.

If you will need a large storage space, take this into account when you are purchasing a shelter.

This video explains one expert’s take about how to most effectively arrange your ice fishing shelter.

Types of ice fishing shelters

There are several different ice fishing shelter types to consider.

Hub style

Hub style shelters are the most economical choice out of the three styles because you get the largest amount of enclosed fishing space for a minimal amount of investment. 

However, they are also less sturdy than the other two options. Wind can be especially difficult when ice fishing in a hub style tent.

Extreme weather conditions can make it troublesome or nearly impossible for one person to manage snapping the framework in place. 

In standard conditions setup is very speedy and hassle-free enough for one person to easily accomplish on their own.

The upside is that this style is very mobile.  If you want to be able to easily move you entire setup frequently, this model would be a great option for you. 

But, if you are someone who likes to return to the same fishing hole over and over again, perhaps a more permanent shelter would be a better choice.

Here is a helpful video to help you learn how to put up a hub shelter.

Flip style

If you prefer a more durable shelter that still has a high level of mobility, the flip style may suit your needs very well. 

This ice fishing shelter style is designed for extremely fast setup and teardown, so you can easily move from hole to hole. You can easily drag your shelter and gear across the lake on the included shed. 

Once you have arrived at your new location, simply snap the bars into place, and you can get back to fishing!

What’s the downside?

This style is the most expensive choice of the three main options.

Cabin style

The inclusion of a floor is the main feature that separates the cabin style ice fishing shelter from the two previously discussed styles. 

What’s the benefit of flooring?

It can protect you from the chill of the ice beneath your feet. This extra layer between you and nature increases the effectiveness of your heaters and allows you to remain warmer for longer. That means that you can spend more time comfortably ice fishing!

The floor always has two or more built-in openings for easy access to the ice for drilling holes.

Cabin style shelters mirror the idea of using a tent on the ice. 

They are fairly easy to set-up, but are not terribly portable. 

If you are looking to remain in one spot for a long period of time, this style might be right for you. 

This video demonstrates easy setup and tear down.

What to look for in an insulated shelter for ice fishing?


This is probably a no brainer, but make sure you check out the type of insulation used on the tent. The thicker, the better.

If you can physically see the shelter before you buy it, review the quality of the insulation and verify that it is powerful enough to keep you safe and warm while ice fishing. 


Do you usually ice fish alone? Or, will you need space for a couple of your fishing buddies, as well?

When you are judging the size of the ice fishing shelter, include gear in your calculations.

A tent that is rated to hold three people may only comfortably hold two fishers if each of you have a lot of gear to store. 


How do you prefer to ice fish? Do you want to bring your own seating, or would you prefer for seating to be included in your shelter?

How many seats do you want to be able to comfortably fit in the shelter?

The best shelter for you will allow for your preferential seating arrangement.


Do you want flooring to be included in your ice fishing shelter? With flooring you get the perk of extra warmth, but it comes with a price. 

You will have slightly less control over the location of the hole, and your shelter will be less portable.

Only you can decide the priority of the extra warmth versus the extra hassle.

Ease of setup

Most people want their ice fishing setup to be as simple, easy, and fast as possible. Depending on how you like to ice fish, an easy setup could be even more desirable.

Beware of setups that require several people to finish. 

Also think about your fishing environment. If you are in a very windy area, the demand of setup and teardown needs to be even more minimal than in regular conditions. 

But, if you always fish with multiple people in a relatively mild location, you can compromise for a more difficult setup that has other important features.


Portability is related to ease of setup, and your portability preferences are heavily based on your fishing style. 

Everyone wants a shelter that is easy to get on and off the ice when needed, but just how portable do you need your ice fishing shelter to be while you are fishing? 

If you like to frequently move to different parts of the lake and switch holes every few minutes, portability will be one of the most important factors for you. 

Look for lightweight shelters with no flooring that you can easily move. 

To accurately assess portability, it is best to see the shelter in person before purchasing the product.

Built-in portability features are included with some shelters as well. If you will be hauling your shelter for a great distance on foot, you may want to consider shelters with carrying bags, straps, or handles.


How much light do you want to allow into the shelter? The more you want to view the outdoors, the more windows you will want.

Be sure to notice if the windows are detachable. 

Detachable windows can allow you to vent your shelter if the interior becomes too humid, warm, or smelly.


You want a shelter that will be easy to store and maintain. 

The more compact the shelter, the easier this will be. 

Some shelters include detachable components that make storage very painless; look for these if your storage space is slim.

Best insulated ice fishing shelter

There are a number of ice fishing shelters to provide you with an insulated option when ice fishing. The following products may work well for your next ice fishing adventure.

Never use any new equipment without consulting an industry professional.

Happybuy Ice Fishing Shelter 2/3/4/8 Person Pop-up Ice Fishing Shelter Waterproof Portable Ice Tent for Outdoor Fishing

Happybuy Ice Fishing Shelter is durable and stable enough to protect you during hours of ice fishing. Manufactured using 300D oxford fabric to hold warmth inside, it will block cold air from entering the shelter and keep you comfortable and cozy.

The poles are made using D lid glass fiber, and extremely durable material that will stand up to high winds and winter elements.

While a very sturdy structure, this insulated ice fishing shelter is lightweight as well. You can pack, store, and haul it with ease. 

How do you get the best of both worlds?

Happybuy has included reinforced ribbing to add stability and minimize material weight.

Coming in at 76” long, 76” wide, and 67” tall, this ice fishing shelter is the perfect size for two to three people. It also includes enough room to house all of your fishing gear, while still allowing enough space for you to comfortably move around.

This easy-to-use shelter will stand up to the test of winter with waterproof material and frost resistance down to -22 °F.

Tall, flexible poles allow for easy setup and teardown, too. Their flexible nature allows them to bend instead of break in strong winds.

So that you can fish with a view and modify your temperature controls, 4 covered windows detach from the sides of the shelter. 

You can allow light to enter the tent while remaining in the comforts of the shelter, away from the elements.

For even more convenience, this ice fishing shelter comes equipped with a carrying bag.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this shelter may work for use when ice fishing.


  • Durable and stable design and construction
  • Made of strong 300D oxford fabric and flexible glass fiber poles
  • Easy assembly, teardown, and transportation features
  • Will hold heat in the shelter and will not allow wind to permeate the fabric
  • 4 windows that allow light to pass through but block the elements
  • Great size for 2-3 people

Elkton Outdoors Portable Insulated Ice Fishing Tent

Elkton Outdoors Portable Insulated Ice Fishing Tent is an excellent option as well.

Insulated and waterproof, this tent will easily provide a comfortable for ice fishing even in the most wintery weather and coldest temperatures.

It has three layers of thick, quilted insulation and a waterproof tarpaulin seal that will block wind and water from entering the ice fishing tent.

This tent will allow you to ice fish in style and warmth, even when the temperatures drop as low as -22 °F. You will still be protected from frost, water, and wind.

And, this product offers fast, easy setup in as quickly as 30 seconds. This is important to maximize your time on the water and make the most out of your fishing excursion.

When the day is over, you can simply pack your ice fishing tent into the included carry bag and be on your way.

For your ease, the carrying bag has an extra wide opening, drawstring top, and backpack straps for hauling the tent off the ice and transportation back to your home.

Ice anchors and tie down ropes are included as well.

You can easily house three people in this tent which measures 70”x70” and 80” tall.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for your next ice fishing trip.


  • Insulated with three layers of thick quilting
  • Waterproof tarpaulin seal
  • Blocks wind and water
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Frost resistance and protection
  • Quick, easy setup and teardown in 30 seconds
  • Carrying bag included, complete with wide top, drawstring closure, and backpack straps
  • Ice anchors and tie down ropes also included
  • Roomy enough for 3 people plus gear

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