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The more you know the better you fish! Walleye is one of the most popular fish caught in North America when ice fishing.

Many people enjoy eating then just as much as they enjoy catching them. Walleye are a golden fish with diamond-like eyes; they are even fun to look at!

Though they are an aggressive fish, that is what makes them fun to catch. Having the right equipment makes the day even more exciting.

So what’s the best ice fishing rod for Walleye?

In this article, we’ll discuss some important considerations to help set you up for a successful day of Walleye ice fishing and highlight a few products that may work well to fit your needs.

What to know when ice fishing for Walleye

Location and presentation are two of the most important factors when ice fishing.

Whether summer or winter, Walleye are usually within a couple feet from the bottom of the water.

Sometimes they huddle around rocks, breaks, points, piles and other such obstacles underneath the water.

Walleye like to be able to access deeper water quickly so they hang out near drops and breaks for a dive.

During early ice season they do not venture much from where they were before ice, but as winter goes on, Walleye move towards the middle of a lake. It is warmer in deeper waters making it more comfortable for the fish.

When spring circles back around, they journey back to shallower areas for spawning and might be found near river mouths. Remember that you are going to need to drill multiple holes at varying depths for the best results.

Jigging is one of the most effective methods in ice fishing. Essentially, you raise the rod tip up and down, close to the bottom, even sometimes hitting the bottom to stir up dirt to attract the fish in closer.

Walleye are attracted to jigging and will attempt to bite when the lure stops. Wait 3-10 seconds before jigging again and keep a look out for bites. 

You can use flash spoons or swimming lures as bait to get those walleyes to bite.

This video provides some excellent tips and instruction for how to successfully ice fish for Walleye.

What to look for in an ice fishing rod for Walleye

A 28-inch long, medium-action jigging rod is a standard pole for most ice fishers, but when you dig a little deeper, there can be better rods for your trip.

Basing your rod on the species and power of a fish is a smart start. For this instance, walleye are the type of fish you want light to medium rods for.

If you are jigging for walleye, then ultra-fast and fast action rods are best. They have sensitive tips with a strong base for strength.

The goal is a solid hookset and a rod like this will do the job. Fast action graphite rods are usually a top choice for jigging.

Ideally, you will be looking for around a 30-inch long rod, fast-action and graphite to satisfy your walleye, ice fishing needs.

Ice fishing rod setup for Walleye

How do you get set up for your day?

  1. Choose your rod using something like the guidelines above.
  2. Set up your rod by using the joints as a guide and tighten by hand.
  3. String you pole with fishing like like monofilimanet line, ice fishing line is made to resist breakage and tangling in cold water. 10 to 12 pound fishing line typically does the job for walleye.
  4. Use a large hook or lure for walleye and make sure your line sinks close to the bottom with enough weight.
  5. Bait your hook with ice fishing bait or lures.

Note: always handle fishing hooks with care.

Best Ice Fishing Rod for Walleye

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Pole Gear Equipment for Walleye Perch Crappie Pike Trout

This option from Fiblink is designed specifically for use in ice fishing conditions and can make a great fit whether you’re ice fishing for Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Pike, or Trout.

This rod uses graphite construction through the rod blanks to the handle, providing for a strong, durable, but lightweight experience.

This rod uses aluminum oxide guides, which are designed to be lightweight.

This rod is sensitive, designed to help you detect that first bite easily so that you can respond quickly.

The cork-based handle provides a strong and comfortable grip, designed for extended use.

For more information on how this product may work for fishing Walleye on the ice, you can check it out on Amazon to learn more.

Fenwick AETOS Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

The Fenwick AETOS Ice Fishing Spinning Rod is designed to provide the strength you need in a rod for fishing Walleye, while also proving useful to meet the challenges of fishing on the ice.

This medium-weight rod uses titanium frame guides and titanium inserts, which are designed to be lightweight, providing you with the flexibility and durability to catch Walleye on ice.

The stiff tip of this rod helps improve sensitivity so you can feel bites more easily.

This rod is both sensitive and powerful, able to provide good detection of Walleye in the water and beneath the ice.

This 28-inch rod is designed specifically for use in ice fishing situations.

You can view this product on Amazon to learn more about how it might work for you.

Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo 28 in. Medium Light Fast Action Multi-Species Ice Fishing Pole Walleye Perch Panfish Bluegill Crappie

This combination ice fishing rod and reel is not only designed for use on the ice — but it’s also designed to meet your Walleye fishing needs!

This product is made to be medium-light, allowing you comfortable use throughout the extended day, while also proving strong enough to protect against breakage when going up against the powerful force exerted by the Walleye.

This rod is particularly designed to help provide sensitive reaction to bites, allowing you the chance to respond quickly and efficiently at first bite.

The cork handle is designed to provide an ergonomic fit to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

You can check out this rod and reel combo on Amazon if you would like more information on how it could work for you.

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