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Ice fishing for lake trout can be fun, competitive and sometimes even tricky. Having the right tools can make your fishing trip even more exciting.

Trout can be very aggressive in the warmer months but during winter they tend to slow down because of the temperature.

Lake trout also tend to hang low and down near the bottom of a lake and fishing them during the winter months can be even more challenging.

So what’s the best ice fishing rod for Lake Trout?

In this article, we’ll discuss some important considerations for ice fishing trout this winter and highlight a few products that may work well to meet the demands of such conditions.

Jigging lake Trout through the ice

Some ice fishermen like to try to catch lake trout by using a method called jigging. Jigging is a technique where you basically raise your rod tip about a foot, then drop it back down to its starting position.

Since lake trout are close to the bottom, insure you’re jigging within a couple feet of the bottom. You can also touch the bottom to attract fish by stirring up dirt and other debris on the lake floor.

The most common lure of ice fishing lake trout tends to be a swimming lure or a flash spoon.

Swimming lures cater to more aggressive trout while flash spoons attract moderately active trout.

This video provides a good introduction as to how to jig a lake trout through the ice.

What to look for when ice fishing lake Trout

Ice fishing rods for lake trout should be 24-36’ in length. Medium or medium-heavy action rods are best for out on the ice as well.

The reel can be spinning or bait casting, as long as they have a high capacity spool. Because lake trout can get pretty deep, there is a chance they can peel off a lot of line.

Ideally you would use 10-20lb braid for lining your pole because it doesn’t have much stretch to it which is ideal for deeper waters.

Additionally, you should shoot for something along the lines of an 8 lb fluorocarbon or monofilament leader attached to the main line with a small barrel swivel when fishing with tube jigs. This will prevent line twists.

When choosing lures and bait, most say tube jigs, airplane jigs, spoons, and live minnows will do the best.

Flashy, reflective bait attracts the eye of trout making for a good catch.

Best Rod for Ice Fishing Lake Trout

When it comes to finding the right pole for lake trout out on the ice, there are several options.

You are going to want to do your research though so that you know you are taking in all considerations for your day out.

Below are some trustworthy options for ice fishing lake trout.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

This one-piece rod is constructed using both graphite and fiberglass to help provide a strong and durable experience, while still able to withstand the demands of ice fishing for trout.

Made extra sensitive and extra strong, this ice fishing rod will support you on your journey to catching lake trout. This rod is designed to provide a high level of sensitivity to allow you to detect that early bite.

It has a new, modern look to it, a lighter feel and better balance overall.

This rod is a medium-heavy feel, so if you’re looking for a lightweight rod, this may not be the right option for you. It is designed to provide strength and durability, though, which can be quite beneficial for the challenges presented by the ice.

You can view this rod on Amazon if you would like to learn more about how this product could work for use when ice fishing lake trout.

Frabill Fin-S Pro 30-Inch Medium Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo, Black

Another durable pole is this combo: the Frabill Fin-S Pro 30-Inch Medium Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. It is 30” long and made with a solid carbon fiber blank makes for increased sensitivity.

It is also rated for medium action ice fishing. It uses stainless steel, single foot ice guides.

It comes with an aluminum spool and a reel seat with a cork grip. This combo will be worth the money and your time on your next day out.

The blank is made using carbon fiber to provide for an extra level of sensitivity to bite.

The cork-grip handle is designed for comfortable use throughout extended days.

View this product on Amazon if you would like more information on how it could serve you when ice fishing Trout.

Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

The Fenwick Elite Tech ice spinning rod is a medium heavy ice fishing rod made with 100% high modulus graphite blanks.

It has smoked stainless steel guides with zirconium oxide inserts and contains a down locking reel seat to help improve balance.

This rod was designed specifically for ice fishing. It includes a cork handle for great grip and increased comfort for even the roughest days out on the ice.

You can check out this rod on Amazon if you would like to learn more about how it could meet your needs.

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