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Pike are massive fish featured in legends passed down from generation to generation.

With their long, strong body and mouth packed full of razor sharp teeth, you will be telling their stories to your children and grandchildren.

Choosing the best ice fishing lures for pike is an important first step to landing your first monster fish.

What to know when ice fishing for Pike

Sometimes it is best to use live bait with Pike, but in most scenarios, fishing lures will do the trick. 

What type of fishing lures should you use?

You have some choices!

Fishing with dead baits suspended from tip ups can yield extremely rewarding catches, but sometimes a lure is the most reliable (and legal) approach.

In many instances, your best chance of landing a massive pike involves a combination of jigging and setting a flag.

So how do you know where to find the fish?

Pike exhibit a few predictable patterns that you can use to locate them.

For example, pike patrol several areas during the course of the day instead of solely investigating them at night or in the early morning.

You can often find pike around the edges of the lake, in brush piles, and around fallen trees. 

No matter how enticing your jigging presentation is, you will not get a single bite if you do not first locate the fish.

To nail pike, you must find some of their major food sources. Pike will follow the baitfish, whose location will change throughout the course of winter.  

Some anglers make the error of believing that pike stop eating during the winter. This is false!

Pike eat throughout the entire winter season to prepare for spawning in the spring. If you notice fewer bites as the season progresses, the pike have probably moved on from your fishing spot. 

You just need to find them again!

Early in the season, baitfish congregate around weed flats, and you can land pike feeding in these areas. 

Pike are often attracted to brown, dead weeds, so areas around the edge of the lake can be good starting place.

However, as the season continues, the weed flats will yield fewer catches.

As the ice thickens and the snow builds, light penetration levels diminish, and baitfish find new sources of food in different parts of the lake.

Oxygen levels decrease, and food becomes scarce in the shallows by mid-season.

At this point, pike head for deeper waters and search for baitfish off structure.

Towards the end of the season, pike begin settling into shallow, dark spawning locations.

Food is in short supply, so pike feed on baitfish that perished in the winter and are now at the bottom of the lake.

The best strategy is to be mobile. Check out multiple locations below the ice. If you do not find fish in one location, try a few others.

Pike are searching for food during the winter and will be eager to grab your bait! 

Don’t make too much noise!

A slight amount of noise in the water can replicate the sounds of wounded prey, but too much noise above the surface can scare the fish, sending them swimming away from your line.

Walking on the ice and using ATVs can be major noise disturbances. If you are having a slow day, it may be beneficial to stir up the fish.

But if a pike is about to bite your lure and they hear a sound above, it could destroy your chances of landing a beast.

What to look for in an ice fishing lure for Pike

Pike are not picky eaters. This makes your job easier!

In the summer months, pike will go for nearly any bait you put in front of them, and this translates to ice fishing.

Pike typically have little preference for color, style, or design.

In the summer, you can use crankbaits, spinners, or live bait, and you will get hits on all of these.

However, since ice fishing bars you from conventional casting, you must use lures that can easily be fished vertically. 

The best lures for vertical fishing are spoons, blade baits, and lipless crankbaits. 


You have a choice between heavy slab spoons and light flutter spoons. 

A regular or plastic trailer can be used with both types of spoons.

Light flutter spoons standardly mimic baitfish and have a concave shape.

These features exhibit a fluttering motion as the bait falls and a wobble as the spoon rises to the surface.

Flutter spoons are ideal for use early in the season as pike are feeding near weed piles.

These lures are great for short or long jigging strokes and can be used between 3-4 feet in depth.

Slab spoons are most effective if you are fishing more than 6 feet under.

They are excellent for catching large pike suspended in deep water.

To increase your chances of landing a catch with these, attach a grub tail or add a strong minnow scent.

Pike never get tired of spoons.

Lipless crankbaits

Crankbaits have strong vibrational, visual, and audio attractions for pike, and they will draw fish from anywhere in sight.

Even if it is no longer the feeding season, pike will be attracted to crankbaits.

Begin by dropping these lures to the bottom of the lake and quickly jerk the rod upward. This will send a loud rattle and strong vibration throughout the area.

Repeat this motion several times, pausing between jerks.

Then, reel in your line a little, and repeat until the crankbait reaches the surface.

Use progressively gentler motions as you near the surface until you find a rhythm that works.

Crankbaits allow you to cover a lot of ground even in deep water.

Blade baits

These are not only for river fishing!

Blade baits are a great tool to get pike onto the ice. 

They are shiny and can penetrate fishing conditions with reduced visibility.

Bright colors and strong vibrational characteristics make blade baits ideal for ice fishing.

These are a slightly lighter alternative to rattling baits.

Using your sonar, present blade baits with moderate jigs.

Lift your rod anywhere from 4-8 inches for the best effect.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your jigging routine.

Blade baits loaded with monofilament can land pike of any size.

Best ice fishing lure for Pike

If you’re looking for the right lure for ice fishing Pike, there are a number of options that may potentially work well for your next ice fishing adventure.

The following products may help you get started in your search.

SUNMILE Fishing Spoons Lure with VMC Treble Hooks Casting Metal Fishing Lures Blade Baits for Trout Bass Pike Walleye Salmon Lure

Sunmile fishing spoons lures offer several options, so you can choose exactly which fishing lure is best for catching massive Pike.

Which Pike ice fishing lure will you decide to try first?

Maybe you want to start with the ½ oz. Or, perhaps the 3/16 oz lures are better for your situation.

You can purchase a 4, 5, or 6 pack of a multi-colored lure assortment, and then decide which ones you like most.

The S streamlined designed is the factor that really makes these lures stand out from the competition.

The experts at Sunmile really thought of everything as they designed these high tech lures.

The S shaped body gives exaggerated action, natural swinging motions, and an enlarged amplitude to increase your number of bites.

With thickened split rings, an extremely sharp VMC black nickel hook, and intermediate opening design, you will be telling fish stories in no time.

The revolutionary intermediate opening and design create bubbles and noise as the lure moves through the water, attracting nearby fish.

Because the lures are manufactured with solid brass, they will weather well. They can resist corrosion, bending, and breaking.

Even the storage box make your fishing experience better!

It is light and small, and it features a soft black sponge inside so that you can easily store and remove your lures.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for use when ice fishing Pike.

Pros of this product:

  • Multiple color and size options
  • S streamlined designed for superior movement in the water
  • Increased fish attacks due to more motion, sounds, and bubbles
  • Thickened split rings
  • Intermediate opening design
  • VMC black nickel hook
  • Made of solid brass
  • Convenient and easy to use storage box

Sougayilang Spinner Spoon Swimbait Vibrating Jigging Freshwater Saltwater Fishing Tackle Lures and Baits

Sougayilang Spinner Spoon Swimbait Lures and Baits are great tools to catch the largest Pike in the lake.

You have multiple options with these lures as well.

You can try blade spinners, jigging lures, or the comprehensive fishing lure style.

Blade spinners offer you four very life-like, multicolored fishing lures complete with a feather and very sharp hook.

This metal blade lure is heavy enough to exhibit extremely realistic behavior in the water. Pike will immediately be attracted to its underwater vibrations. 

The intricate patterns and true to life colors simulate bait fish, and the ball bearing rattles to give you an even more irresistible presentation. 

With these versatile lures, you can adjust the tow point to reach different depths for all of your various fishing scenarios. 

Jigging lures give a different movement in the water and are a great presentation to utilize when fishing in deep water. These jigging lures are made of flat, sturdy metal. Due to the heavy weight, they flash when jigged. 

Their sleek design allows you to reach the depths of the lake just seconds after you drop your bait. 

You can purchase 5 colors at a time, and they come in a convenient travel box.

These lures have great action and a very life-like presentation complete with 3D eyes and fish attracting colors.

Treble hooks will snag pike as soon as they bite. With a chemically sharpened double assist hook, you have a much greater chance of keeping your catch hooked all the way to the ice.

Fishing lures are a comprehensive tool for ice fishing. These lures are built for trolling, casting, drifting, or jigging. 

Their balanced wobble and flash will attract pike, salmon, trout, walleyes, and panfish.

For increased motion, you can add a tail grub. It moves more when it is tipped; this is an effect rarely seen in other light spoon lures.

Similarly to the other Sougayilang products, these lures come in 5 different colors and designs.

The spoon is easy to cast and can be trolled at varying speeds. It has a terrific side-to-side wobble. 

Made of high quality nickel or gold-plated blade coatings, brass bodies, stainless steel split rings, and steel treble hooks, these lures can stand up to the toughest fish.

This lure is also easy to vertically jig, which makes it a great choice for ice fishing.

You even get a 12 month worry-free warranty with lifetime support. 

View at Amazon for more information on the use of these lures to meet your needs.


  • Blade spinner, jigging lures, and fishing lures
  • Sturdy, durable materials and designs
  • Multiple color options
  • Great for different depths and water conditions
  • 12 month worry-free warranty with lifetime support

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