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Whether you’re a new or veteran hunter, getting new stuff is always fun and exciting. As you’re preparing for Turkey season, there are a few things you might be thinking of buying (or replacing) to make your adventure more enjoyable or easier.

Ground Blinds are a great tool to use if you’re one who can’t sit still very well or if you’re using a bow to hunt. Many hunters prefer to sit still and wait in their hunting clothes, which is also a great choice, but harder to do if you’re bowhunting and have to draw back the bow to aim.

So what’s the best ground blind for turkey hunting?

In this article, we detail ground blinds — ground blinds, how they’re used, whether they should be used, and potential options that may work for you.

Should I use a turkey hunting ground blind?

If you are an experienced hunter and have never used one but want to experiment, sure! Worst that happens is you go right back to what you were doing originally and nothing has been lost but a few dollars.

Keep in mind that it’s not a s portable as your body alone, however, it does allow for more breathing room in preparing your shot, you can bring the kids along (if they’re wiggly like most children are), and you are able to store your items nearby without much interference.

If you’re an inexperienced hunter, this may be the best tool for you to use if you’re having problems staying still.

The above still stands, but, you will have fewer things to stress over if you have a blind. Plus, you can hunt deer from these things too!

You can add elements like seats or gun rests in a blind that you wouldn’t be able to have out in the open too.

This allows for more comfort while hunting and since you can move, you can reposition yourself as many times as you want.

Plus, if it’s raining and your blind, like most do, has a roof then there’s no worries about getting rained on while you’re waiting. 

Whether you use a shotgun or a bow, a blind can be helpful. However, a blind is most helpful to those who hunt with a bow because there is so much more movement involved with bowhunting.

Just keep in mind that you are going to need one big enough to pull back in and it might cost you a bit more money than the cheapest one you can find at any outdoor adventure store.

How to use a blind

Technically, using a blind is not that hard. It’s a matter of setting it up and waiting inside. There are a few things to keep in mind that a beginner might not think about right away.

For example, you will want to wear black instead of camouflage. The reason for this is that the inside of a blind will be deprived of light and camo is too bright.

You will want to make sure that every part of your body is colored black or having the blind at all will be pointless since the birds will see you moving a mile away.

Setting up the blind is rather simple. It’s like putting up a tent. You put the poles up and string the cloth through to make it pop up.

They usually roll up into a compact carrying pouch for easy storage and mobility. The windows of each blind may open differently, depending on the specific product.

Depending on how serious of a hunter you are, you may want to leave your blind for a few weeks so the nearby birds get used to it. This means you’ll want one with a bit more durability and one that stakes in the ground. This adds an extra, but necessary, step to the setup process.

What to look for in a blind for turkey hunting

Honestly, this is totally up to you what kind of blind you use. It’s all dependant on personal preference.

However, there are a few things you’ll want to look out for before buying.

  • Size – You don’t want a blind that’s too small and uncomfortable to be in because then you won’t want to hunt as long as you normally would. Be sure to put the investment into the right blind and don’t go for the cheapest one because it’s probably also the smallest.
  • Quiet – You want to find the quietest blind you can because nothing stinks more than finally having the perfect shot and spooking the bird. Some blinds have velcro window openings and you want to avoid those. Try and find the ones with hooks or some other method that’s quieter.
  • Camouflage – You want to make sure that the camo type you chose truly reflects the surroundings that you’re in. No one wants to stick out like a sore thumb when the objective is to blend in, right? Take a picture of where you want to set up and compare that to the blinds you’re looking at. For instance, you don’t want a brown blind when it’s spring and everything is green, that’s stupid.
  • Quality – You don’t want something that’s going to rip while you’re putting it together because that rip is just gonna make you stand out more. Make sure you’re investing in a really nice item for your own sanity.
  • Durability – If you’re planning on leaving the blind up so that the birds get used to it, you’ll want something durable that will last through any of the elements.
  • Windows – You want as many windows on all sides as you can get. This makes it easier to hunt from all angles.

With all of that being said, just make sure you get a blind that you really like.

Again, it’s all about personal preference and making sure that you get the kill.

Best Ground Blind for Turkey Hunting

There are a number of turkey hunting ground blinds that may work for you, but we highlight two potential options below.

Barronett Grounder Ground Hunting Blind, 2 Person Pop Up Portable, Woodland Camo

This hunting blind comes in five different options to purchase each similar in size, shape, and window count but with various camo patterns to fit your needs.

The windows do not have the variety that you may be looking for but they feature a shoot-through mesh that can be replaced.

The windows open using a hook and loop strips that can be opened via zippers and might not be best if you’re opening and closing the window a lot. Too much noise.

It is made of durable, water-resistant (but not proof) fabric with a black interior coating. The listing claims it is an easy to set-up and take-down process that you can just “pop-up and hunt” with.

The door is fully zippered and located in the back with a window that can be used for hunting purposes.

No worries about the door being zippered, it’s not like you’re gonna be going in and out once you’re there.

Made with all metal hubs and fiberglass poles, this tent is pretty durable and lightweight. This means you can leave it for a few weeks or take it with you each time.

This blind also has a roof so you can be comfortable without worrying about anything overhead such as falling leaves or even rain getting in your way.

This blind is eleven pounds, has six windows, and stands 67” tall. It has a footprint of 55” by 55”.

View at Amazon to learn more about the use of this blind when turkey hunting.

Auscamotek Ground Blind 5×10 Feet Turkey Duck Deer Blinds Hunting Camouflage Height Adjustable

This blind offers total ease and customization. There is no roof which means you can adjust the height and width of this blind without much hassle.

However, it also has no windows so putting it in a position like the second picture shows, is a bad idea because then you can’t see birds coming your way unless you’re peeking out the small air holes in the fabric.

It’s not a bad option for someone who just wants a little more coverage and would set it up like the first picture. Used that way, you could have a chair and hide your gear with no problem.

However, you are not protected on all sides and would have to find coverage for your rear end.

It has four telescoping poles that stake into the ground and is easy to take down even in the dark according to the seller.

It comes with a camo carrying pouch, which is good since you wouldn’t be able to leave this blind out for weeks. There is no way to anchor it down.

This blind is ten feet long and five feet tall with adjustable poles to make the height as low as two and a half feet.

View at Amazon for more information on the use of this blind.

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