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Your bowfishing gear contributes to your overall bowfishing success, and no piece of your gear is as underrated as your bowfishing rest!

Of course, your bow, arrows, sight, and bowfishing boat are important, but your rest is the bridge between you and the fish you are hunting.

Choosing the best bowfishing arrow rest is imperative for your bowfishing game. After reading this guide, you will be well informed as you make your decision.

What to know about bowfishing rests

Your bowfishing rest in part determines your accuracy and your ability to make a kill.

If you invest in a good bowfishing rest before your trip, you will save yourself frustration and anguish on the water!

However, you have a lot of choices; how do you know which route to take?

Let’s start with the basics so you know what you’re up against!

What is a Bowfishing rest?

The function of a bowfishing rest is very similar to the function of rests for traditional bows and arrows. 

Your rest secures your arrow and hold it in position so that you can prowl without worry that your arrow will move.

It stabilizes your bow as well as increases the accuracy and precision of your shots. 

Bowfishing arrows are typically heavier than traditional hunting arrows. And, if you’ve ever gone hunting, you know just how floppy arrows can be.

Bowfishing arrows are even more difficult to stabilize, so you need a good rest that will hold your arrow in place while you stalk your prey and line up your shot.

When it’s time to fire your arrow, your rest helps guide your arrow to the intended target and keep it on track.

Types of bowfishing rests

  • Roller Rest — Roller rests guide your arrow along a roller, which can increase your arrow speed up to 10 mph, according to some manufacturers.
  • Hook rests — As the name suggests, hook rests involve placing your arrow into a hook, where it lays until you release to shoot. Some hook rests are even fitted with spring loaded doors.
  • Whisker Biscuit Rests — Similarly to whiskers, whisker biscuit rests use bristles to encase the arrow, holding it in place.

What to look for in a bowfishing arrow rest


Your bowfishing rest is a critical component of your bowfishing gear, and you want it to last.

Not only is it frustrating to constantly replace gear, it can negatively impact your bowfishing game.

Once you get used to a certain bow, rest, and arrow combination, your gear becomes an extension of you, and you build muscle memory to help you smoothly hunt.

Replacing gear frequently causes you to readjust your movements and strategy.

So, your bowfishing rest must be durable enough to weather the hunt.

Visually examine the bowfishing rest before you make the final purchase. 

Look for strong material and sturdy connections. 

Stainless steel and aluminum rests are stronger than those made of plastic.

Durable material and crafting help raise the chances that you are looking at a well-made rest.


Strength coincides with durability.  Look for a rest that is highly rated for quality of manufacturer and design.

Avoid rests that rely on small, breakable pieces. 

You will likely be moving very quickly to reload your bow, and your rest needs to be able to take the heat.

Look for a strong design – preferably metal – and a package that you are confident will be up to the task.

Left or right handed bow

Rests are often fitted for either a left handed or right handed bow. However, some rests are compatible with either design. 

Make sure that the rest you are purchasing will work with the bow design that you use.

This includes choosing a left handed arrow rest for a left handed bow, and vice versa.

In addition to considering hand dominancy, you also need to consider your particular bow configuration. 

Choose an arrow rest that fits well with your overall bow package; each bow has slightly different dimensions and mechanisms.


Your arrow rest directly influences the path of your arrow, which in turn influences your accuracy and rate of success.

The ideal rest will function to hold your arrow in place exactly as you set it in your bow. 

As you stalk your prey, arrows have a tendency to become dislodged from their original position, and this is a major problem!

Choose a rest that is designed to hold your arrow in place even during slight bumps and movements. A good rest will come with features built into the design to minimize movement and maximize your accuracy.

Points of contact

Generally speaking, the more points of contact, the more securely your arrow will be held in the rest. This is a good thing!

A higher level of contact between the rest and your bow will serve to increase your accuracy and minimize your frustrations with moving arrows.

If it’s possible, try shooting with the arrow rest before you buy it to make sure that you like the flow and that it feels good in your hands.

User friendliness

A good arrow rest for bowfishing will be extremely simple and easy to use. If you have to fight with the rest or take multiple steps to get your arrow in place, you will lose crucial seconds that may even cost you a fish.

Look for a user friendly arrow rest that fits well with your bow and arrows.

Best bowfishing arrow rest

There are a number of bowfishing arrow rests that can work well, depending on your needs and preferences. Always consult an industry professional before using a new product.

The following rests may work well for you.

Muzzy 1080 Bowfishing Fish Hook Rest

The Muzzy 1080 Bowfishing Fish Hood Rest is recommended by the experts due to its high quality and performance.

This fish hook arrow rest allows your line to be positioned in a grove underneath the arrow. 

Why is this important? 

It allows the arrow to pass more smoothly over the rest. Therefore, this rest helps to improve your accuracy and give you a more reliable shot.

And, it’s ready to take on all the action. With the quick loading design, you will have the security that your shots will be precise in addition to being accurate. You arrow will fly to the same location every time!

This rest will help you notch another arrow soon after you fire a shot, helping you have less downtime and more hunting time!

Unlike other bowfishing rests that allow your arrow to lay freely, this rest has 3-sided arrow capture. 

Multiple points of contact work to hold the arrow shaft in line while you are setting up your shot and drawing your arrow.

Also, this rest is manufactured in the United States.

View at Amazon for more information on this arrow rest.


  • High quality and accurate, precise performance
  • Fish hook guideline
  • Quick loading design
  • 3-sided arrow capture
  • Made in the United States

Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest

The Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest is one of the most adjustable bowfishing rests on the market.

With windage and elevation adjustment, you can set it to the specifications that give you the cleanest shot with little to no hassle.

Left handed? Right handed? No problem either way!

This rest is designed to be functional with both left and right handed bows.

The Cajun Bowfishing rest is light yet durable. The biscuit is encased in aluminum for strength and product longevity.

For easy arrow loading, there is an easy access V-notch positioned at the top of the rest. This nifty feature also gives you a smoother shot by reducing the slide obstruction as the arrow is released.

Unlike the competition, this rest gives you laser engraved reference marks. Rest assured that they will not rub off or disappear over time!

When you’re ready for a fun, action packed bowfishing trip, your Cajun bowfishing rest will be ready to perform and guide your arrow home.

View at Amazon to learn more on how this product could potentially work for you.


  • Windage and elevation adjustment
  • Left and right hand compatible
  • Laser etched reference marks
  • Aluminum housed biscuit
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • V-notch for easy arrow loading
  • Increased accuracy due to minimized obstructions

Quick Draw RH/LH Bowfishing Rest

The Quick Draw RH/LH Bowfishing Rest is tough and ready to set you up for shot after shot.

Made of 6061 aircraft aluminum, it’s durable and ready for performance.

With the rubber gate design, you will have improved accuracy, and your arrow will remain in place until the moment that you are ready to let it fly!

Quick slick tape also helps to help your arrow in the rest.

This bowfishing rest is intended for novices to professionals in snap shooting bowfishing. All skill levels can benefit from it’s sturdy, accurate design.

It’s easy to install, securely holds your arrows, and it looks really cool!

You can choose from pink or silver to show your personality through your bow.

While this is a solid rest, rigidity can also be a downside.

This should not be an issue if your arrows are clean and smooth, but, if they have a raised area, the rest would catch the arrow, drawing it out of its intended path.

View at Amazon for more information on the use of this product.


  • Strong and durable construction of aircraft grade aluminum
  • Rubber gate design with quick slip tape
  • Improved security and accuracy
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Desirable appearance with silver and pink color choices


  • Would benefit from a second connection to the riser
  • Rigid design could potentially negatively affect your accuracy by derailing your trajectory if your arrow has any raised blemishes.

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