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Just like any hunt, you cannot predict the weather, so it is best to be prepared. The hotter and drier the weather, the better the hunt.

If you are hunting antelope in the early season, prepare for warmer weather, but if you are looking to hunt in the later season, then think ahead for colder weather.

The clothes you choose to wear can make or break you trip, so make sure you layer and prepare for the worst. Modern hunting clothes are so much more effective, comfortable and durable, so don’t sell yourself short.

But what are the best boots for antelope hunting?

In this article, we’ll consider some important factors to help ensure you are safe and comfortable on your next hunt and highlight a few products that may work well to protect your feet on your next antelope hunt.

What to know when hunting antelope

When going hunting make sure you have a few things:

  • Hunting license
  • Conservation stamp (required in some states)
  • Proof of hunter safety
  • Florescent orange or pink
  • Archery license
  • Legal access to your hunting location

Hunting antelope is one of the most fun challenges in North America. Colorado, Montana and Wyoming are some of the best states for antelope hunting.

They live in rocky mountain regions so it is important to scout the areas prior to the hunt.

Get to know your area and where antelope tend to gather. You might want to look into high quality binoculars and scopes to help see any animal movement.

There are two main ways to hunt antelope, which include:

  • Rifle: When it comes dropping the buck, rifles like the .25/06, .243 or even the 6mm with bullets weighing 90 to 100 grains make good choices. Then there are other great cartridges such as the .257 Weatherby, and the .270 Winchester with 110-grain bullets.  You should be comfortable with long shots out to 300+ yards when hunting antelope.
  • Spot and Stalk: Camouflage clothing is a must for the spot and stalk hunter. If you are hunting antelope by the spot and stalk technique, hunters can approach the antelope at a much shorter distance if you have a non-human contour and are crouched low. Use shrub and brush to for cover. In addition, the hunter can also angle the approach to increase your odds at a successful stalk.

To stay safe and have fun, remember these things:

  • Vision is an antelopes best defense
  • Take time to plan your hunt
  • Be wary of making long shots
  • Never give up on a great buck
  • Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately includes wearing the proper footwear. But what do you look for in boots? 

What to look for in a good pair of antelope hunting boots

When you’re antelope hunting, it’s important to have a strong, durable pair of boots that can withstand the demands of the terrain and weather.

Antelope can be found in some rural and rugged areas and it’s important to ensure your feet are properly protected.

While there are a range of products that could work well for protecting your feet and providing you with traction on the rugged terrain, there are a few features to look for specifically.

These can include:

  • Impenetrable: Because you will be hunting for antelope on rugged terrain, it is important to seek a boot that can protect you against penetration. Snake bites are a real possibility and, miles from help, they could prove disastrous. Look for a boot that can provide a strong level of snake protection. Protecting against penetration from other sharp objects is important, too.
  • Insulation: Proper insulation is required to maintain your level of comfort during hunting. In those colder months of antelope hunting, you will be looking to have more insulation but in the warmer months you will want something more breathable. If you are planning on camping or stalking, you will be moving less so the insulation might need to be a little more important, but if you are moving and walking a lot, think about how warm your feet are going to get.
  • Waterproofness: Staying dry is so important when dealing with outdoor sports in colder seasons. Having wet feet can ruin your day, along with cause other issues like hyperthermia, frost bite, and extreme discomfort.
  • Design and Style: The design and style of your boots is virtually endless, as there are so many options today for footwear. The boots listed below have a rather modern, simple style to them. They do not make anyone point and say “look!!” Try not to get so caught up in the looks but stay in tune with safety and comfort.
  • Proper Fit: A proper fit is a must! You should never wear shoes that are too big, small, loose, tight, etc. That can affect your safety once again, whether trudging through a rough area and losing a boot or injuring yourself or developing some type of blister, callous, infection, and more, because of the wrong size boots.
  • Consider Break-in Time: Breaking in your boots is also important. They need time to adjust and mold to your feet so that the boots can assist you properly. It can be exciting to throw on your new kicks and take off but remember that a few hours in, you might find your feet hurting, tired or feeling too squished. You need to let the boots breathe as well as your feet so that there is time to adjust to a new, usually firm, boot.

These are just a few features to consider when selecting the proper boot to protect you while antelope hunting. It’s important to consult the manufacturer of the product, as well as an industry professional, before using any new product.

No product is a substitute for proper safety practices and cannot guarantee your safety.

Best boots for antelope hunting

There are a range of boots that could work well to provide you with protection on the terrain you are likely to face while hunting antelope.

The following options may provide you with a good place from which to begin your search.

Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17″ Hunting Boot

These boots from Irish Setter may prove a good fit for protecting you from the elements when you’re out hunting antelope.

They provide a durable rubber sole with great traction, designed to help keep you upright and stable in both slippery and wet conditions. They can also work well for use on harsh, rocky conditions, too.

This can be quite beneficial, as it can be easy to fall or lose your balance in certain conditions. Also, in some of the areas where you will likely be hunting, the weather can change quickly and unpredictably, and it’s a good idea to have a versatile boot that can handle whatever is thrown your way.

These boots are also good for keeping wind and water out, as they are designed to provide waterproof protection.

They are designed to be sturdy and durable, while also being lightweight, which helps you to remain agile for when you need to move quickly or negotiate challenging terrain.

These boots are also a good option as they help to protect against puncture from snake bites, thorns, and other debris or dangers that could leave you seriously injured.

They also are designed to help kill bacteria that can cause odor to develop, helping to keep your boots from becoming smelly — a real possibility with all the wear and tear you’re likely to put them through.

You can view these boots on Amazon if you would like to learn more about how they could work on your next antelope hunt.

TideWe Hunting Boot for Men, Insulated 400G Men’s Hunting Boot, 600D Durable Nylon Cloth Anti-Slip 16″ Breathable Side-Zip Hunting Hunting Boot Realtree Edge Camo

This versatile boot from TideWe is designed to provide strong protection in a range of conditions, from cold, wet conditions to warm conditions, too.

These boots are designed to help insulate you in wet and cool conditions, as they use a Thinsulate material to help protect you from becoming chilled. This helps to lock in your body’s natural heat to keep you warm.

The boot is made using nylon, which helps to protect against tears and punctures, although you should consult the manufacturer to make sure it can provide protection against snake bites.

The durable, rubber sole provides strength and traction, helping to protect your foot from puncture, while also helping to provide you with a strong level of stability in wet or slippery conditions, such as mud or rain, or even rocky terrain.

You can check out these boots on Amazon if you would like to learn more about how they could work for your antelope hunting needs.

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