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If you’re looking to catch some Whitefish, there are a number of factors that are important to take into consideration before getting started.

From rods to reels to clothing to bait, it’s important to cover your bases and ensure you are prepared.

So whats’ the best bait for Whitefish?

In this article, we’ll explore some important considerations for Whitefish fishing and highlight a few products that may work well for your next big trip.

Getting started with Whitefish

There are five very important things to consider when venturing out to catch whitefish.

Whether for fun, competitively, or new to the game, having the right bait for whitefish keeps you on your A-game.

Some things you will want to keep in mind to set you up for success include:

  • Rod and Reel: You need to look into a 7-10-foot-long, medium action rod and reel with a sensitive tip, whitefish are not very aggressive so you want to be able to feel when they bite.
  • Setting Up: Make sure your bait is set up correctly, especially when jigging. Jigging is a technique where you basically raise your rod tip about a foot, then drop it back down to its starting position. Since whitefish are close to the bottom, insure you’re jigging within a couple feet of the bottom.
  • Rod Holder: Not required but helpful, a rod holder helps because it can be tricky using bottom bait. It is a waiting game, and holding the rod can be a pain at times.
  • Net: Whitefish have very delicate mouths, it can be hard to pull one up by hook, so a net will help you keep the fish in a safe way.
  • Bait: Your bait can make or break your fishing game. Some like to use natural bait while others will use lures. You will find a lot of guys using jigging spoons or other small lures that skim the bottom of the water.  So what is the best bait for whitefish? Let’s take a look…

Lake whitefish spread from the Atlantic to Pacific coast. They never usually get big and are most commonly 4 to 8 pounds.

Whitefish are cold water fish; they tend to stay low when the temperature drops. 

Only sometimes in early summer will you find them in shallow, offshore areas.

You should look for a medium power spinning rod, medium capacity spinning reel and 6 to 10 lb test mono line.

What to look for in bait for Whitefish

Whitefish have small mouths, which means small bait is better. Lures should reach the bottom of the water, but natural bait can also attract them.

Below is a list of lures and natural bait to try.


  • Small jigs
  • Compact spoons
  • Trolling spoons
  • Small- in line spinners
  • 1/16 ounce jigs

Natural Bait (in small portions):

  • Salmon Eggs
  • Wigglers
  • Maggots
  • Waxworms

Avoid using bait that is too large, and be patient when waiting to catch whitefish.

Try to remember to keep a low volume when fishing, high pitched or loud noises can scare fish away.

Do not yell, dash, or do a wild victory dance because the fish will scurry away.

Best Bait for Whitefish

When it comes to bait, there is a multitude of options, but what is ideal for whitefish? Below are three potential options for easy catching.

Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Micro Jigging Bait

A reliable, small jig for fishing is the SougayilangJig. It is a fishing lure that sinks to the bottom and is great for whitefish because it is considered a micro jigging bait.

This product offers five different colored metal lures. The color and 3D eye attracts whitefish.

These lures are heavy duty, and can even withstand powerful fish, teeth and pull from a fish.

The jig allows for flexibility, and can be used for more than just whitefish; trout, snapper, small tuna.

This lure is made with Zinc allow material making it durable and smooth. After casting, it has a rapid diving action drawing the attention of fish right to your jig.

You can check out this product on Amazon if you would like to learn more about how it could work for you.

FAIGAFAIVA Xd5es Fishing Lures Jigs Spoon for Saltwater Freshwater Bass Trout Tuna Salmon

This FAIGAFAIVA Xd5es Fishing Lure Jig Spoon Variety Pack is the ultimate kit for whitefish.

Whether fishing whitefish, salmon, tuna, trout, bass, or more, this 6-pack allows for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

This bait is a jig spoon lure. Each lure is designed with specific colors to best attract a fish’s optical visibility. The contrast of the lure makes for better fishing because of the dark and light color difference.

Spoons are still one of the most popular choices for whitefish. These lures, in particular, have a free-style action, and look almost like a hologram in the water.

Each one has bug 3-D eyes and a perfect shape for optimal use in fishing. The great part of this kit is it can be used for so many types of fish as well.

They are known for vibrating on the pull and fluttering on the fall when casting and reeling.

With these you can vertical-jig, snap-jig or search-bait. Try these out year round too, can’t go wrong with this choice!

You can check out these bait on Amazon if you would like to learn more about how it could work for catching Whitefish.

A-SZCXTOP Fishing Lures Metal Casting Trolling Spoon for Trout Salmon Walleye Bass Freshwater Saltwater Fishing Spoons Hooks 4pcs

The A-szcxtop Fishing Lures Metal Casting Trolling Spoon is also great for a variety of fish; whitefish, salmon, walleye, bass and a variety of saltwater fish as well.

This kit provides a 4-piece set of trolling lures. They are bright, have a 3-D eye, strong hook and durable construction.

The visual effect of these lures do a great job attracting fish in a variety of settings, whether freshwater, saltwater, sea fishing, and more.

They offer a wobble and light reflecting flash as if a small bait was swimming by.

They are made with environmentally safe materials and are specifically designed to being in the big fish.

Check out these lures on Amazon to learn more about their potential for use with Whitefish.

Make sure next time you go out to buy lures for your whitefish trip, take these three options into consideration so ensure a great day out on the water!

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